Curated by Marie Louise Omme

The world occurs through similarities and patterns.
The body. In its reckless carnal sense, is a canvas. 
Natural mixed with something uncanny. 
The bodies appear to be in their pure element - and then again not. 
This is a world of forms and butts. Boys and men.
Feminine masculinity in repetitive compositions. 
An evolution simply not known...


Fryd Frydendahl divides her time between New York and Denmark. She works in the field of photography. Frydendahl was born on the west coast of Denmark in 1984, graduated from Fatamorgana, the Danish school of art photography, in 2006, and received an Advanced Certificate from The International Center of Photography in General Studies in 2009. Her first book, Familiealbum, was published by the Danish Publishing house Nyt Nordisk Forlag in 2007. The book featured a collection of portraits from “The Youth House,” a Danish punk venue that was sadly evicted and demolished in 2007. Frydendahl has published several books. She has exhibited widely in recent years, including solo exhibitions at V1 Gallery, Politiken's Gallery, and Baxter Street Gallery at The Camera Club New York. She is the recipient of grants from Fogtdahls Rejsestipendie, The Henry Margolis Foundation, and Josephine Lyons Merit Scholarship, the 2011 CCNY fellowship program, the Danish art council, and was nominated for the Remmen Foundation's Art Prize in 2018. Her latest release, the book "Nephews" (Konnetation, 2017), was followed by a solo exhibition at V1 Gallery, where Frydendahl is represented. Two selected series of works from the book Nephews have during 2017 been included in the permanent collections of Statens Museum for Kunst (The Danish National Galleries) and  Det Nationale fotomuseums samlinger (The national photo museums).

Matthew Papa (b. 1967 Detroit) is a New York-based artist working primarily in photography. He has an MFA in Advanced Photographic Studies from ICP/Bard College, a BA in Philosophy from the University of Michigan and an AAS in Graphic Design from Parsons, The New School for Design. His undergraduate study of philosophy informs his artistic practice and he’s interested in photography’s ability to complicate meaning. 

Born in France and raised in coastal Massachusetts, Miles Debas grew up among practitioners of Hindu meditation while studying with South Boston Jesuits. The disjunction of these influences sparked the development of a skeptical humor and outsider’s sensibility that imbue his work. His paintings are executed on raw fabrics, dyed with ink and painted over, often extracting collage elements from other works-in-progress. The works are vivid fabrications that diagram the interaction of discordant ideas and explore his relationship with the structures and systems that he inhabits.

MLo (b. Denmark) creates work that deals with systems of associative logic; systems that follow a path of humor, chance, and repetition. Her scientific method is thrown off-kilter by magic, and that magic is itself weighed down by the scrutiny of mundane realities and objects from her daily life. With a poet like sensibility, she celebrates the small anomalies in the world. Her practice applies a childlike delight in subjects ranging from rainbows and plants to darker subjects like birth disfiguration and memory loss. These interests become photographs, films, and installation that act as portals into new meanings and understandings of what one thinks they know. In her studio practice she reconfigures the rational world and finds a kind of freedom at the point when things break down; around and around it goes. 

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