curated by Dakota Sica

Opening Reception Saturday, October 7  / 7-9 PM 

PRATT INSTITUTE | Steuben Gallery 
200 Willoughby Ave, 
Brooklyn New York 11205

Featuring works by:
Ali Spechler 
Megan Porpeglia 
Seulki Heo
Milica Jovicevic
Leah Yerpe 
Maddie Stratton 
Marc Mannheimer 
Heidi Lanino 
Bonnie Maygarden 
Roman Kalinovski 
Stephanie Slate

“It was like a stream, constantly flowing over the sides of my tongue” sheexplained. They watched as it quickly pooled into the voids around her.
“It has no fixed shape” she exclaimed! Their eyes strained as it curled and rolledrelentlessly. “Drink plenty of liquids” she whispered – they nodded in disbelief. 

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