Astral Oil, Global Family
June 30 - July 30 
Jonathan Durham & Rindon Johnson 
Organized by Sorry Archive  

252 Java Street Brooklyn, NY 11222

Opening Reception Friday, June 30th 7-10 PM. 

Noon, October 5th, 1950. A reinforced concrete sewer exploded in Greenpoint, blowing manhole covers three stories high, shattering windows, injuring three persons, and ripping open a ten foot section of pavement at the intersection of Manhattan Ave and Huron Street. Gasoline leaking from at least one of the area’s many oil refineries had seeped into the city’s plumbing and ignited. Oil continued to leak for three more decades, until a Coast Guard helicopter flying over Newtown Creek noticed an oil slick flowing out of a bulkhead near Meeker Avenue. 

Captain Fleischell: 
                              A benzene rose
                Wheezing, watery, stretching out
                Soap-crete, sprawling rainbow, reporting
                from above
A wake of worse-than-rot
Blight, bluntly speaking, poison  

Petro-Chemical Association: 
              No admissions, son.
              Is it better to be inflicted and convalescing
              Or sick to death without knowing it?
              Symptoms? Sediment drag vapors, vacuum enhanced recovery, or
              swallow down bile at business meetings?
Astral oil, global family

Image: Jonathan Durham, Down Hole, 2017, still from infrared and color video, 7min 26sec. image courtesy of Keene Kelderman Environmental Integrity Project

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